Welcome to MAS.S73!

The instructors are all excited to have you!  If you have any questions, please reach out to David Ramsay at dramsay { @ } mit { . } edu.

Each of us has comes at the problem of ‘the replication and generalizability crisis’ of psychology and behavioral science from different perspectives.  The broader issues we see are deep, ongoing, and structural; there is much more at stake than simply underpowered studies and misinterpreted p-values.

We have a different set of expertise collected from a hodge-podge of diverse sources.  Our goal for the class is two-fold; (1) to organize and categorize the best resources on the crisis across disciplines, introducing students to the major themes that appear, and (2) provide action, solution-oriented suggestions for how to rebuild our understanding and ensure novel, empirically-valid research.

We the instructors are learning from each other as we pull together our own resources; we’re excited for you to join us and share what you’ve learned as well.  See you in class!